How to choose your product


In order to choose the best size for the vests, please see the following size guide.


The DOG ARMOR vest is provided in 9 different sizes. It is not difficult to identify your dog’s size, since it is only determined by the chest measurement. In order to choose the best size for your DOG ARMOR vest, you only need to measure your dog’s chest size. The neck and belly can be adjusted afterwards by means of the velcro fasteners.
It is important to measure your dog’s chest size accurately.  We recommend using a measuring tape or a string in order to find out the exact size. The measuring tape or string must not be too tight. It shall only touch the dog’s hair.  We strongly advise not to choose a vest of a bigger size than the one you identified, because, if the vest is too big,  it can injure the dog’s front legs due to rubbing when the dog is moving.
Example: When your dog’s chest measures 62 cm (measured according to our recommendations), you have to choose a T65 vest.


Caution: the sizes of the NEOPRO and FLASH vest are not corresponding with those of the DOG ARMOR vest. You must however follow the same measuring recommendations in order to choose the best size for your NEOPRO or FLASH vest. Make sure you perform the measurement of your dog’s chest properly by means of a measuring tape or string in order to choose the correct size.

Measuring recommendations 


Choose the vest’s size by measuring (A) the circumference of the thoracic cavity (A) at the largest point.


Taille T45 T50 T55 T60 T65 T70 T75 T80 T85
Circonférence poitrail A en cm 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85


Taille T45 T50 Teckel T55 T60 T65 T70 T75 T80 T85 T90 T95
Circonférence poitrail A en cm 45 50 50 Teckel 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95

Néopro / Flash

Taille S M L XL
Circonférence poitrail A en cm 50-58 57-68 67-78 75-85


Disponible prochainement !


When your dog equipped with DOG ARMOR vest comes back to you, be vigilant about the condition of the vest (visible hits), but, above all, be vigilant about the dog’s behaviour. He could have been hit without the vest showing visible traces. There is a risk of internal bleeding. A dog that is bleeding internally will show an unusual behaviour and his flews could be white. Despite of the great protection provided by the DOG ARMOR vest, you must always check the dog’s condition at the end of a hunting day to make sure that he has not been hit.

The lifetime of a vest of the DOG ARMOR type is estimated to be from 2 to 5 years.  Of course, you have to take into account the conditions of the use of the vest, namely the frequency of wear, the kind of dog using it and the care of the vest.

It is not recommended to wash the vests too frequently (after each use). But you can wash it without problem at the end of the season at a maximum temperature of 30°C.

No. As many other animals, the wild pig can only see white and black. There is no reason for a dog of being more easily attacked by a wild pig when wearing a vest in neon orange than for a dog without vest.