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Sports enthousiasts and keen amateurs

The CaniHunt ambassadors are passionate hunters who are used to sharing their experiences with other hunters. They also love dogs and want to ensure the best safety conditions for their companions. They are anxious to make sure that they are comfortable and that their hunting conditions be the best.
These passionate hunters decided to equip their dogs with products of the CaniHunt brand. They will share their impressions about the products they are using with Internet users and future buyers. The CaniHunt ambassadors share their adventures with you.

Ambassadors who share the values of CaniHunt

The selected ambassadors share the same values as CaniHunt. These are love, comfort and safety for hunting dogs. Our ambassadors are people who hunt regularly and share and exchange their experiences with other people.
The relationship between a hunter and his dog is very important for CaniHunt. This relationship unites them and lasts a lifetime. The CaniHunt products ensure the necessary comfort and safety for hunting activities. The dog’s safety continues to be a focus.


The CaniHunt ambassadors are an inspiration to us.
They encourage us to create new products that are even more effective for their needs.
They have a role in product testing: if they appreciate our products and find them useful, you will also appreciate them.

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