CaniHunt -  The brand for hunting dogs

In only 3 years of time CaniHunt has become a reference brand for hunting dog equipment.
The distinguishing feature of the different ranges of the CaniHunt brand is to offer innovative and comfortable products, and, more important, products that provide the necessary protection for hunting dogs.
The CaniHunt products, vests as well as saddlery ranges, provide comfort and safety for the dogs thanks to a very demanding product design and production policy.
The CaniHunt teams perform product tests in order to guarantee maximum safety especially for the vests.  These tests are executed regularly during all stages of designing, pre-production and manufacturing. We continuously improve our products on the basis of clients’ opinions as well as the comments of the CaniHunt ambassadors. By means of these opinions and comments we are able to continuously improve the quality of our products and to better meet the needs of our customers.
If you are a passionate hunter and you want to equip your dog for hunting activities, the CaniHunt products are perfect for you. Safety, comfort and high technicality are the main features of our products.

CaniHunt, a brand born out of passion for hunting

The founder of the company Cano Concept, Laurent Cano, a passionate hunter, decided in 2013 to create a brand dedicated to hunting dogs and their protection. He creates high-end and highly technical products that ensure the protection of your hunting companions while offering them comfort.
Thanks to his excellent knowledge about the dog and hunting world Laurent Cano develops highly technical products for hunting dogs in order to improve their hunting conditions.
Being a great lover of dogs, he wants to evolve the quality of life of dogs by CaniHunt and furthermore to put forward the complicity uniting a dog and his handler.
Laurent Cano is a former breeder and hunter who knows how important the relationship between a dog and his handler is for hunting and that this relationship lasts a lifetime.
The products he creates improve the quality of life of your hunting companions and increase their well-being. CaniHunt wants to make your hunting moments even more enjoyable and safer with a dog that is well-equipped and well-protected.

The assets of the CaniHunt products 

Performance Canihunt


Sécurité Canihunt


Confort Canihunt


Cano concept

CaniHunt, a brand of the french company CANO CONCEPT

The products of the CaniHunt brand are manufactured by the French company CANO CONCEPT which is specialized in dog accessories. The company CANO CONCEPT is the owner of the brands CaniHunt and I-DOG. 

The research and development of items with very technical features and high quality standards are an incentive for the company CANO CONCEPT to be the best in their field.