Presentation of the CaniHunt range

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Discover the products of the CaniHunt brand.
CaniHunt offers three vests:

  • A protection vest: DOG ARMOR
  • A signal vest: FLASH
  • A flotation vest: NEOPRO

Theses vests are of certified superior quality and guarantee maximum comfort for your hunting dog. Whatever you choose, the CaniHunt vests provide your dogs the necessary safety while hunting.
CaniHunt has also a range of accessories to complete the vests. There is, for example, an additional protection for female dogs - the belly extension - and the leg protection for all dogs. CaniHunt provides also a GPS kit and interchangeable back flaps for the DOG ARMOR vest.
And finally, there is the saddlery of the CaniHunt brand. You can choose among check cords, leads and collars. Every product has its unique features. Several materials are available for leads, check cords and couplers. Please also note that CaniHunt sells bells and rings.