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We always want to improve our products from the technical point of view and offer you superior quality. Should you ever have cause for complaint regarding our products, please inform us. We will transmit your complaint to our product manager. And if need be, he will answer your questions. We perform tests and analyses in order to improve continuously the CaniHunt products. Please do not hesitate to tell us your opinion. Your comments help us offering you products that are ever more effective, comfortable and, in particular, more technical for your dogs.

The entire CaniHunt community can read your comments. They are important for future buyers who count on you. They can find your evaluation on our website (product page) and also in the social networks of CaniHunt (Facebook). The performance and quality of the CaniHunt products are important to Internet users. They can get quick answers thanks to your feedback, before buying a product. That is why your opinion is important to us. Don’t wait and share your experiences.

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