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Check cords ALP 5/10ml

The round check cord of the ALP range is made of polyester rope and has a diameter of 10 mm. The weaving techniques used for the production of this check cord are identical with those of climbing ropes.
Thus the ALP check cords guarantee flexibility and an excellent resistance. There is also the possibility to add a double coupler of polyester webbing rope. 

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The ALP check cords are made of polyester rope. The most striking features of this rope are its excellent resistance and its 10 mm diameter. The weaving techniques used for the production of this rope are identical with those for climbing ropes. Thus the check cords of the ALP range guarantee you a very good grip and the necessary flexibility. 

Check cords ALP 5/10ml
Check cords ALP 5/10ml


The ALP check cords of rope are equipped with a high-tech steel carabiner. This carabiner is hyper-resistant and of shiny hardened steel. It features a spring-loaded fastening system.

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