Double buckle collars

The double buckle collars of the range XTREME are made of polyester webbing strap with a transparent polyurethane coating.
Thanks to their composition, the XTREME collars are light and waterproof. They are made for resisting cold, abrasion and ultra-violet rays. 
These collars feature 15 holes for best adjustment. Their ends and holes are performed by laser in order to achieve a very high quality. The collars are equipped with a double buckle engraved “CaniHunt”.

Caractéristiques Advice
10 ml
25 mm
38 mm
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Due to the double buckle, the collars of the XTREME range are very resistant. This double buckle guarantees a high technicality and an excellent quality of the collar. Thus these collars are more robust and durable. 

Double buckle collars
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